Monthly Archive: August 2015

– The snarling wolf

  You don’t “beat” stage IV breast cancer. The most you can do is grab the snarling wolf by the throat and hold it at arm’s length, trying not to be intimidated by the fangs and the spittle and the intensity of its desire to rip you to pieces.   If you’re lucky, you temporarily …

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– The path you choose

The diagnosis of cancer left me reeling and disoriented. I stopped at the store and spaced out… staring… in front of the dairy section. “So what does this mean? How long do I have? Do I buy a pint… or a gallon?” Time slows down; mouths open; people talk; nothing makes sense; the non-existent wind …

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– My scrappy little junkyard dog

I dedicate this entry to my liver. What it has weathered through my life to get me this far is miraculous… a 2-year bout with Hepatitis B, three bouts of malaria, liver trauma and near shutdown from taking the birth control pill, two bouts of exotic strains of amoebic dysentery who probably still inhabit it, …

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