Monthly Archive: January 2016

– I love you

Practice love until you remember that you are love. — Swami Sai Premananda I love everyone. Yes, you. Even you, whom I have never met. That’s what cancer has given me… it’s made me soft in the head. : ) No, seriously. All those things that I thought were so important… guess what… none of …

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– The long, dark night that leads to the path of light

  October, 2012 — 2 MRIs, 2 cat scans, 2 ultrasounds, 2 biopsies and 2 days later, all I’d been told was that I was full of Stage IV metastatic cancer. Impatient, I asked the nurse for my reports and had just finished reading them when the oncologist walked in. I said, “Well, it looks …

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– New Orders

There is no death, only a change of worlds. – Chief Seattle The other night I was sleeping on my side and I awoke to someone gently shaking my shoulder. “It’s time to go”, she whispered. It resembled the vague excitement of being woken up early to leave on a road trip when you were little. …

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