– Women with metastatic cancer are the strongest women I know

• They dare to hope when the whitecoats would take it all away.
• They endure the misunderstanding of the diagnosis by others who are well-meaning, but misinformed.
• They swallow their fear and put on a brave face for others.
• They process their anger because it serves no one.
• They struggle with loneliness because no matter how many love them and are there for them
… it is a road they walk alone.
• They focus on the good that is in their life because nothing is accomplished by focusing on the bad.
• They fight the demon with everything they’ve got.
• They crawl their way through excruciating, humbling, and humiliating treatments.
• They patiently ride the seemingly interminable roller coaster of good news…
… no, wait, its bad news
… well, it’s not so bad
… sorry, it’s worse than we thought
… aaaah, we’re all gonna die!
• They try their darnedest to retain their sense of femininity in the face of de-womanizing symptoms and side effects.
• They resist regret because that’s a stupid emotion but keeps trying to barge in.
• They can’t help feeling like a failure even though it defies logic.
• They rail against despair because cancer feeds on negativity and who wants to feed the little fucker anyway?

And through it all… they go to work, they take care of their loved ones, and continue to give to others.

To all my metastatic sisters… I salute you!
And I send you a big hug and wet, sloppy smoochy to brighten your day!



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  1. Bette

    Sending lots of hugs and plenty of love.

    Love you dearly,


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